Founded in 2007, JB Blakely, LLC is an umbrella for all of her publishing products and business entities. 

As founder and co-creator of the whimsical website 2BrainyBlondes, (currently under construction) created to encourage some humorous writing for compilation books. 

Her award winning children’s book series Baja Brody’s Adventures and interactive website for children keeps her time meticulously divided, She is currently working on two personal novels and working diligently to continue creating her brands. 
An active member of the Henderson Writers’ Group, Christina holds the Publicity Officers chair, She handles all advertising and publicity for both the group and The Las Vegas Writer’s Conference.

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With limited spare time Christina enjoys reading most genres, some of her favorites include memoirs, children’s stories, inspirational and educational books. Spending time freelance writing and traveling.

Christina Willis is a Writer, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, award winning Poet and Publisher. A mother of five and a grandmother, spending time with her family is her greatest joy. She grew up in Central Point, Oregon and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where she currently resides with her family. 

Family is important to Andres and it shows in his poetry, short stories and novels. Each one is unique in its own way, but they all go back to being accepted for being different (race, culture, language, and religious beliefs), having a family and growing old with someone special.

 With a MBA he has managed various companies from start-ups to successful ones. As a lifetime student, he has taken classes and seminars in leadership, public speaking, languages, marketing, website development, blogging, customer service, and more. Learning all the above has helped him in his company,photographers, and more.

 Andres has a vast experience due to his ability to multi-task and be creative.

Christina Willis

Andres is a native of Santa Monica, California and currently resides in Las Vegas, NV with his family. Having traveled to many destinations between two countries (USA and Mexico), he has learned different cultures along the way. His experience has helped him write about life in general, life when you are between two cultures, and also life as a gay man in more than one culture.

Andres Fragoso, Jr.